I am happy to report that the Dutch translation of my book on Dutch-Paris has arrived from the printers. Many thanks to Maarten Eliasar, Hélène Lesger and the rest of the production team for the terrific job they did with the translation, the copy editing, the illustrations and all the details that have made it such a fine looking book. It will be at Dutch bookshops starting this weekend. (Gewone Helden: de Dutch-Paris ontsnappingslijn 1942-1945, ISBN 978 90 5875 5568).

Also this weekend, the Dutch tv programme Andere Tijden will broadcast an episode called Ontsnappingsroute in de oorlog (Escape Route during the War). It will air at 21.10 on Saturday 5 November on NPO2. You can follow this link for the preview (in Dutch and some French) http://www.anderetijden.nl/programma/1/Andere-Tijden/aflevering/682/Ontsnappingsroute-in-de-oorlog The link includes a sublink to the 1967 Dutch documentary about Dutch-Paris, which has footage of many of the line’s leaders.

I have not been involved in making the documentary, but every researcher’s favorite archivist, Sierk Plantinga has been interviewed extensively for it. Some of you may have already seen him talking about a postcard sent from the Third Reich on the tv preview for the show.   I don’t know if the entire show is about Dutch-Paris, but at least part of it is.  I can’t wait to see it.